Goldens are so sensitive…

My goldens have a broad emotional sensitivity. And yes, they are sensitive physically as well. For example, I find if I feed too much unfamiliar food at once, they tend to get loose stools. This is in contrast to some “belly of steel” dogs who seem able to eat anything!

BUT… my girls are also very healthy.  No chronic health issues, itchy red skin, ear infections, etc….

Serving better food can do wonders.  

How many times have I heard people talk about how sensitive golden retrievers are… does that sound familiar to you? There have been so many occasions where I have heard about goldens being prone to skin problems, digestive upset, cancer, heart disease, allergic symptoms and more.

But it doesn’t have to be that way!

There are many factors that help produce a healthy dog, or prevent one. Diet is one of those factors.  There are of course other issues, including breeding practices, vaccinations, medications and more. 

Clean living can do wonders for our goldens.  Food is something we can control every day, for better or worse. Every day we have a chance to keep our golden retrievers healthy with nutritious food.

My diet plans focus on anti-inflammatory, health-supportive foods to nourish and support the entire body, short and long term.

When you are ready to start feeding a truly nourishing homemade diet, please visit my Services page to begin. t’s easier than you think, and can help keep your sweet, sensitive golden on track for a healthy life.

~ Sarah

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About Sarah (see more on my Bio page)

I am a human parent to two lovely golden retrievers, so I understand the connection, the silliness, the emotional depth. This section of Dog Food Coach – Golden Retriever Diet – seeks to provide nutritional information that can help your golden retriever stay healthy.

I have education in holistic nutrition for humans and companion animals, and am currently pursuing certification in herbalism for pets.  

I have been home cooking for my own dogs since about 2008, and never looked back. 

I work independently and with veterinarians to create excellent, nourishing diets together.

I am the founder of Dog Food Coach, which works to improve the diets of all dogs, whether they are goldens or not.

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