Milk Thistle for Liver, Skin and More

Milk thistle is well known for addressing liver health. But it is used for other issues as well, including skin problems, cancer and more.

With goldens so prone to these issues, it may be beneficial to consider adding milk thistle to your dog’s nutritional plan, as needed.

Studies indicate it helps stimulate healthy cell production, working to replace damaged cells. In fact, the Mount Sanai website notes milk thistle may stop cancer cells from dividing and replicating. It can shorten the lifespan of cancer cells, and reduce the blood supply to tumors.

Milk Thistle is Powerful and Multipurpose

Add skin protection to its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, liver protective qualities mentioned in my other article, my conclusion is that it’s part of the first line of defense for skin health.

And when it comes to golden retrievers, it seems they are often vulnerable to so many health issues. So why not try an ancient healing herb like milk thistle?

In my upcoming case study, I will share my findings about a lovely golden retriever with visible bump of unknown origin. In this trial, topical milk thistle was applied daily.

Video Clip

Please scroll down to watch the short video I made to demonstrate the method I used in the case. This particular item was the DaVinci Labs milk thistle capsules, which I broke open for the video demo and the case study. 

I am quite sure my findings are not unique to the DaVinci product – it is just what I had on hand.

Please Get Supplements From a Quality Source
I am so excited to have an online supplement store, so I can offer you milk thistle products I have used personally or professionally, or that I believe are from especially high quality sources.  You can order items in the Supplements section of my other website, Dog Food Coach.
Visit my Services page to see how I can help you create a nourishing diet and / or supplement plan for your dog! Thanks… Sarah