Obesity in Golden Retrievers – A Kinder, Gentler Approach

How many goldens do you know who are a little chubby, more than a little chubby or who have full on obesity?

Like many dogs, our goldens LOVE to eat, and it’s awfully hard to say no to those sweet, loving eyes.

Obesity is a very common issue. I have had several clients with goldens who are overweight. They know obesity can lead to a range of health issues, but it’s a tough situation to handle, given the emotional factor as well as so many other aspects of this common condition.

Too often, golden parents are steered toward very low calorie, low portion dog foods. But these are often still full of ingredients that do not hold much benefit.

In that kind of situation, I often find dogs are still hungry, and golden parents feel guilty. This makes things even more difficult and stressful, and can lead to the opposite effect: golden parents feel bad, and they indulge their hungry furbabies with treats and extras.

There is a less stressful, more rewarding and especially healthy alternative to all this.

A simple, nutritious homemade diet can maintain a healthy weight! This is because my homemade options are full of vegetables, fiber and moisture-rich foods (so, lots of water).

A bonus is that dogs on healthy, homemade diets are getting great nutritional support. What’s more, they may feel more satisfied than dogs who are fed a small portion, calorie-restricted or filler-filled commercial diet.

Along with vegetables and other healthy foods, dogs on my homemade diets highly digestible proteins, beneficial fats and oils, and supplements as needed. This creates a totally healthy environment for your dog’s body.

If your golden retriever is overweight, let’s think about evolving into a healthy, homemade diet. This will help support a healthy weight, and will offer your dog wonderful nutritional options. That, in turn, helps support the entire body, short term and long term.

Visit my Services page to get started on a truly nourishing diet for your dog. Thank you! ~ Sarah

Sarah Whitman, MS
Founder, Golden Retriever Diet
and Dog Food Coach