Snacks and Treats For Golden Retrievers

Recently, I highlighted the topic of obesity in golden retrievers. While obesity is a common issue, I often find people are also looking for healthy snacks and treats for their furbabies, no matter what their weight issues are. And healthy snacks and treats can be an important and totally harmless part of your golden’s routine.

Whether it’s for training, rewards, or just to fill in the gap to make sure your dog is getting enough calories, you can keep things quite simple when choosing snacks and treats.

Below is a short video clip with a few simple ideas.

These ideas include quick cooking ingredients like eggs. These cook in a matter of minutes. Scrambled eggs are done in about two minutes.  Hard boiled eggs are another option. They cook in about ten minutes, and provide a conveniently packaged treat you can store in the fridge for a few days and hand out as snacks or treats.

Another snack idea is fruit, which requires no cooking. Or, small pieces of cheese, meat, or licks of coconut oil often go over quite well. Or, you can steam a vegetable with your hard boiled eggs, and then you will have two kinds of snacks for your golden retriever.

You can see these kinds of examples in the video clip below.

Some pet parents like to create healthy cookies or other treat recipes for their dogs, and that is great too! But if you are not doing that (or even if you are), these one ingredient options can be a simple answer. I do, however, have a couple cookie recipes for you on my main website, Dog Food Coach. These include my Bacon & Egg Biscuits I created for National Dog Biscuit Day a couple years back.

However you do it, including healthy snacks and treats is just fine, in fact it can be highly beneficial nutritionally. And homemade foods can serve as a “high value” treat – one that may inspire your golden to excel at your training or other goals you want him or her to accomplish. Many golden retrievers are food driven. Even if yours isn’t, offering a high value, nutritious reward can benefit everyone.

If you are interested in learning more about improving your dog’s diet, visit my Services page to get started.

Enjoy! ~ Sarah